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Fix the world and make money.

The Twentie Four documentary series shows a slice of the lives of 24 entrepreneurial pioneers in 24 cities, each filmed over the course of 24 hours. Pioneers, greedy for a kind of world where obvious issues such as climate change, gender inequality and poverty are tackled. They’ve picked entrepreneurship as their lever for change. Twentie Four immerses you into their lives, while they startle the establishment and make serious money on the way.

It’s our aim to show the every-day of their lives, that’s are recognisable for all, yet put to use for extraordinary aspirations by only a few. In twenty-four hours we sit, sleep, eat, drink, walk, ride, wonder and laugh together. On camera, we record the stories of disillusion, vulnerability, excitement and celebration - so everyone can read between the lines. 

Why? We want to inspire everyone who feels stuck in a rut, or paralysed by what’s happening at the world’s stage, to not give up. Not on themselves, not on others, not on a better world. Help them realize they have plenty of power for change. We vote beyond politics every single day, through our jobs and wallets.

Bernd Damme

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, until she learns how her glitters are mined. Bernd Damme dares  to challenge the industry of noble metals and precious stones, shrouded in mystery for consumers.

His jewellery line House of Eléonore uses exclusively fairly mined gold and artificial diamonds. He’s young, ambitious and engaged, but the industry isn’t keen to collaborate. How far will his collection reveal - and stop - illegal mining, and can one man withstand the power of many?

Mike & David Bronner 

San Diego, United States

You might not tell by their appearance, but these two brothers run a highly profitable organic and fair-trade soap business called Dr. Bronner's, with an annual turnover over $100 mln, in Vista California.

Dr. Bronner advocates for mandatory GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) labeling as well as industrialised hemp plantation. But what truly sets them apart is how they split their profits equally between charity, product development and their employees. They’ve coined it ‘constructive capitalism,’ but how can their philosophy survive in corporate America?

Narayana Peesapaty

Hyderabad, India

This man worked hard to prevent groundwater depletion in his hometown in India by planting different crops. With success, because he discovered how beat plastic waste by eating.

Narayana’s company Bakeys Edible Cutlery is struggling to get to market demonstrates, but his stamina is rewarded with an explosive amount of media attention that had the orders flooding in. Scaling-up your business is not as easy as it seems. How is Narayana going to meet the demands in a world full of expectations?

Erika Lust

Barcelona, Spain

Pornography, although a taboo subject in public, is widely consumed privately on the internet. Most of what’s available though, breaches any sense of gender equality. With younger generations finding easy access to pornogrpahy that shows hostility against women is alarming.

Meet Erika Lust. She’s here to show them (and us) a different angle. With her husband Pablo, they produce porn that shows man and woman equally enjoying sexual activities. And everyone’s paid a fair wage. By making female-friendly adult films Erika is striving for gender equality, but is this within reach for the porn industry?

Warren Roberts 

Melbourne, Australia

Warren’s here to make sure we all live forever. He figured that immense population growth will inevitably lead to a shortage of decent graves.

As a former real estate broker and having lost his best friend at a young age, Warren invented a type of grave that encourages reforestation and radically changes the funeral sector. Warren’s work comes at time of desperate need, but are the old ready for such an ending?

Mariana Costa Checa & Herman Marin

Lima, Peru

In most parts of the world, it’s not about who you are, but about what you have. Status equals income. Climbing up the food chain is almost an impossible task for women living in the slums of Lima.

The high demand for developers got Mariana and Herman thinking about a new future for these women. Their educational tech program tries to lift these vulnerable women out of poverty. The question remains: how can they provide well- balanced, qualified and competitive candidates in a highly competitive sector?

Who are

Linda Vermaat

Linda is on a continuous quest for people who dare challenge what’s considered ‘the way we do things here’. She started the Slow Food Youth Movement Netherlands and co-founded Professional Rebel to create impact. Her charming character, curious mindset and warm wit make her a joy to watch. With positive stories she hopes to inspire others.

Erik Loots
Erik is a filmmaker who’s worked for numerous organisations and brands to visualise their stories (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Microsoft, Adidas, etc). He understands what film can do. He rarely stops talking or thinking. His humor is a tad strange, but always honest. According to him magic is still alive and now available on DVD (or the internets).

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